Zika Transmission by an Aedes Mosquito Species in California

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Reports says that, according to studies and reports conducted in California, a new species of mosquito can transmit a deadly virus known as Zika. According to reports, it is shown that, the Aedes mosquito is a species of mosquito which transmit Zika virus instead of malaria. This report continuous to say that nearly two states in the united states of America is affected by this particular virus.

Previous reports say that, this particular Zika species was developed by the Zika strain which was initially injected into different types of mosquito species to determine whether Zika components could be transmitted through mosquitos. Unfortunately, the Aedes mosquito species contained nearly 80% of the virus which led to an outbreak in brazil in the year 1966.

According to the reports, the Zika virus was transmitted by mouse which where bitten by the Aedes mosquito. This led to fast transmission of the Zika virus across the affected states. This virus is not only viral but also deadly. This was after a n instigation conducted by the chief doctors and the research team within the states.

According to the case studies and the reports by the team conducting the research on this mosquito. The mosquitos surprisingly spread the Zika virus so fast that the symptoms of the virus were detected in Mexico and near Florida.

The doctors urge people all over the states and the nearing countries to be vigilant on any indication of this Zika virus. The medical and research team urge people to use all the control strategies like use of insecticide and spraying the contagious areas.

This virus comes in stages, starting with mild flu to the last stage whereby the patient or individual contacts the neurologic condition. This condition is whereby the virus has weakened the immune system of an individual and this may result to individual death.

According to the alleged reports, the Zika virus mostly is spread in the united states through travelers. The virus is spread by the incoming visitors outside the states. Nevertheless, the united states medical research team has come up with a strategy of containing this virus hence the reduced fear among the natives.