World’s Smallest Computer Device Monitors Cancer

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Scientists from the University of Michigan in the US developed the world’s smallest computer that could help be used to treat and monitor cancer.  The smallest computer measures just 0.3 mm x 0.3 mm in size, however, it is completely dwarfed by a grain of rice.

Prior to this, the 2x2x4mm Michigan Micro Mote was the smallest computer by the University of Michigan which could retain their programming and data even when they were not externally powered, however, the new devices lose all previous programming as well as data as they lose power.

A professor at the University of Michigan in the US, David Blaauw said, “We are not sure if they should be called computers or not. It’s more of a matter of opinion whether they have the minimum functionality required.”

As the computer device is very tiny so they receive as well as transmit data with visible light. The tiny device also has wireless transmitters and receivers, processors along with photovoltaics and RAM.

Sources stated that the system is very flexible and could be for a variety of purposes such as cancer studies, biochemical process monitoring, oil reservoir monitoring, visual surveillance and many more. It was designed with the help of the precision sensor that could convert temperatures into time intervals.

Blaauw added, “We basically had to invent new ways of approaching circuit design that would be equally low power but could also tolerate light.”

With the most recent creation, the University of Michigan has recovered the title of making the world’s smallest PC, however, IBM had uncovered 1mm x 1mm PC littler than a grain of extravagant salt in March.