U.S. pullout from nuclear deal threatens regional peace says Iran

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According to recent reports, on Monday, Iran’s atomic chief said that U.S. withdrawal from the ongoing nuclear deal which was struck between Iran and the major powers is now doomed as this withdrawal has seriously affect not only peace but also security in and around the Middle East. in May, U. S. President Trump after a meeting which was held in accordance to the nuclear deal announced that Washington and the entire country is pulling out from the nuclear deal, which if looked closely has lifted international sanctions more so against Tehran in exchange for the restrictions posed on Iran’s nuclear activities. According to reports, U.S. holds a bigger potion and many fear if U. S withdraws from this nuclear deal, then the entire deal will collapse.

In addition to this, Ali Akbar Salehi, who is the current head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran said during an annual U.N. nuclear meeting (watchdog) said that as far as discerned is almost unanimously together with the international community, then making an ominous move will definitely doom the deal and thereby leading to a serious repercussion to the regional and international security and peace. Nevertheless, Salehi, who is a veteran negotiator amongst the West, never elaborate any of those repercussions which my seriously affect the negotiations if U. S. pulls out from the deal. On the other hand, Iranian forces are in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government. Nevertheless, Hezbollah was also backed by the Iranian forces or else they deployed. The ongoing war in Yemen is considered as a proxy war among Iran and U.S. ally, Saudi Arabia. Some U.S. sanctions however lifted under this deal already have been placed back as other deals due to resume in the beginning of November. European powers however have scrambled on protecting the Iranian oil revenues and more so shield all the linked companies from U.S. measures which keeps them operating in Iran. This according to reports would not only destroy the deal but also other major firms and companies which depend on the deal to operate in this areas.