U.S. and Israel warned by Iran of revenge after parade attack

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According to recent reports, earlier on Monday the deputy head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in statement warned both the Israeli and U.S. leaders that they should expect a more devastating and engaged response from the Tehran who are accusing the two country of their involvement in the previous attacks which was deployed on the military parade within the city of Ahvaz. However, Hossein Salami in a speech just before the burial of victims during the attack on a live broadcast which was held by the state television said that for decades now, nations and countries have seen their revenge before and that our people will see like before our response is not only crushing but also devastating and terrific. He added that this country involved will regret for doing what they did to the military parade.

In addition to this thousand of people who had packed on the streets of southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz who were mourning the victims who were assaulted on Saturday which left more than 25 people killed, including 12 members of the alleged elite Revolutionary Guards. Likewise, many of the people in the mourning ceremony chanted ‘death to America and Israel’. During the mourning ceremony, the Victims coffins, we’re wrapped with the Islamic Republic flag. The coffins nevertheless were carried by the hundreds of mourners. Whatsoever, many were angry with the assault, as they mourned, they held pictures on their hands a four-year-old boy picture who was among the victims killed in this attack. This according to Islamic Republic is one of the worst assault against the powerful military force. According to reports, 4 assailants fired directly on the viewing stand which was built on Ahvaz whereby the iranian officials together had gathered watching an event which was celebrated annually which marked the initiation of the Islamic Republic’s 1980 to 1988 war with the Iraq. Soldiers present in the event had to craw on the street so as to avoid bullets which flew over them. Children and women however had to fled for the safety of their lives.