Tragedy of Villaguay: the company that took to the little school of soccer had another fatal overturn a year ago

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The tragedy of Villaguay, in which three people died after the overturning of a bus carrying children from a small school of children’s soccer, caused a commotion in Entre Ríos. Now, while advancing the expertise of the case, a direct antecedent of the company Río Uruguay was known, to which the bus belonged. A little over a year ago, other units of the company staged a mistake and overturned when transporting a group of students to the beaches of Camboriú, in Brazil. Two teenagers and a young coordinator died, while two other boys suffered amputations.

The incident occurred at dawn on December 16, 2016 on the BR 285 route, near the town of San Miguel das Missoes, near the border.

The students, who belonged to schools in Posadas and the interior of Misiones, organized the trip with the company Tabay Tours de Posadas, which hired a collective from the company Río Uruguay for the transfer of the group.

The bus was driven by Lucas Matías when he got lost on the left side of the road, and overturned in a ditch almost four meters deep, crawling several meters on the grass. The incident occurred just 350 kilometers from Posadas.

In that opportunity, the Brazilian Police informed that the group was qualified for 62 passengers, but they traveled five more than allowed.

As a result of the accident, two students from the Provincial Technical Education School 3 “Polonia” of Oberá lost their lives: Rocío Fabiana Martínez and Luana Micaela Centurión, aged 18; and the coordinator Agustina Szczerbaty.

Tragedy of Villaguay: the company that took to the school of soccer had another fatal overturn a year ago
The students of the contingent that took the micro in 2016, to the side of the route, after the accident.

Agustina Magalí Rolón suffered an amputation of her right arm and had to undergo surgery; while Matías Juan Noguera lost his left arm. In the accident also suffered a serious injury in the pelvic area Erika Romero. Ten other students also had to be interned but with less serious injuries.