This is the trajectory of the gigantic asteroid that will pass close to Earth

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Last November it was detected for the first time and this day will pass close to Earth. According to Nasa estimates, the 2017 asteroid VR12 will pass 1.5 million kilometers from our planet, and was branded as “potentially dangerous”.

Despite this last, from the North American space agency ruled out that the body presents any danger to the Earth, although there is a problem of another nature: its size is unknown.

In that sense, according to NASA’s Reaction Propulsion Laboratory, the asteroid has a diameter of about 250 meters, which until now is the official response.

However, English astronomers from the Northolt Branch Observatories believe it could reach 510 meters.

Existing both hypotheses, the doubt will surely be resolved in the coming days, after the body passes close to Earth during the present day.