The new video of Pope Francis on YouTube: concern for social networks

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Pope Francis asked on Tuesday in a video posted on YouTube that social networks do not become “in” a place of alienation, “but in a” rich of humanity, “which encourages” solidarity and respect for others in their differences. ” 

This is the initiative “The video of the Pope”, a recording with which the pontiff addresses monthly what he considers are the great challenges of the world today.

“Let’s take advantage of the possibilities of encounter and solidarity offered by social networks and that the digital network is not a place of alienation, be it a specific place, a place rich in humanity”, asked Jorge Bergoglio in Spanish, in this video that is subtitled in nine languages.

The Argentine pontiff considered that “internet is a gift from God” and valued that it carries “a great responsibility”.

“Communication, its places, its instruments … have brought with it a lengthening of horizons, a widening, for so many people,” said Francisco.

Finally, he urged that “social networks do not annul the personality of each person, but favor the solidarity and respect of the other in their differences.”