Scott Morrison named as new Aussie PM

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The leader in the Australian’s Liberal Party has been named as the new Prime Minster, reports said.

Scott Morisson won in a 45-40 votes against another strong contender Peter Dutton in what media reports described as a “dramatic leadership vote.”

Morrison will be replacing Malcolm Turnbull who has allegedly “stood down from the leadership following a vote of no confidence,” a report read.

“Our job … is to ensure that we not only bring our party back together, which has been bruised and battered this week, but that will enable us to ensure we bring the parliament back together,” Morisson said in his first address as Prime Minister.

A news feature described  Morisson, also known among his colleagues as ScoMo, as a “leader-in-waiting” for years. Reports have also described the new Prime Minister as a socially conservative architect of Australia’s hardline anti-asylum seeker policies.

Australia’s former health minister was quoted as saying that Morisson is among the “next generation of leadership” and is one of two people who are equipped of extraordinary capability and credibility.

UK-based paper The Guardian said that Australia has had five prime ministers in the last five years, adding that four of them were “torn down by their own parties, earning Canberra the unhappy appellation the coup capital of the Pacific.”

“We intend to be governing. I don’t think anybody should be making any plans for any elections any time soon,” said the new Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Turnbull, the outgoing Australian Prime Minster said, “we are the most successful multicultural society in the world, and I have always defended that and advanced that as one of our greatest assets,” he said. “We must never allow the politics of race or division or of setting Australians against each other to become part of our political culture.”

Morisson considers Turnbull as a “dear friend,” a report said.

The National Public Radio, in its website, reported that, “Turnbull faced opposition from conservative members of his party over low poll numbers as the country approaches a general election in May 2019.”