Science Candidates Have Prevailed in United States Midterm Elections

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Results on the midterm elections from the units states of America are pouring in, but few candidates who have backgrounds in technology and science have already secured some seats in the united states of America house of representative.

The candidates include an engineer in Virginia (nuclear), Elaine Luria who is a United State Navy Veteran and chissy Houlahan who is a former business executive and he holds a degree in engineering. Illinois emerged victory by registering nurse Lauren Underwood who is a former advisor in the department of human services and health, and Sean Casten who is a clean energy entrepreneur who holds a degree in biochemistry and engineering.

The 4 candidates who are all democrats are among the fifty candidates who have the science background to run for the United States House in 2018. Few of these politicians made it to the final elections.

According to Benjamin Corb who is the director of public concerns and affairs of the United States society for molecular biology and biochemistry in Rockville , Maryland, said that the wave of  interest was indicating that people were desiring to be involved and to be recognized which was no longer a good idea to remain sitting on the sidelines to watch.

The victory was witnessed as Democrats gained many seats in the house. They took the chamber from the republican who are still controlling the white house and the Senate.

Holding a significant margin in the full house will give Democratic party more power when it comes to investigating the President Trump’s administrative rules and policies. In a different report, Gore said that, was likely to be like congressional hearings when it comes to scientific jurisdiction which is behind the trump’s administration efforts and concerns to roll back many of the environmental and climatic regulations.

Gore added that some of the concerns that they were to see in a democratic full house were focused on establishing scientific honesty and integrity and to highlight the failure of the president Trump administration in using scientific information in making policies.