Mobile war goes to the field of artificial intelligence

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The competition in the technology industry for manufacturing the best smartphone stopped focusing on physical characteristics and now is waged with software that improves its use, such as Artificial Intelligence, according to the Chinese firm Huawei.

The director of public relations of the company for Latin America, David Moheno, acknowledged in an interview with Efe that “this war in the sector of ‘smartphones’ is no longer fighting with gigabytes (GB), megabytes, megahertz or megapixels”, but “with technologies that really make a difference in the use” of the equipment.

For the manufacturer, said the Mexican executive, “Artificial Intelligence (IA) has that power”, that of “improving not only the ‘performance’ but to make the interaction totally intuitive.”

“This technology (the AI) has the power to be a catalyst to truly transform the way we use the ‘smartphone’ or interact with it,” as the phone “learns” and anticipates user needs, he added. .

“The AI, in general and at the industry level, has the power to take away the user’s burden of having to make daily micro-decisions”, a feature that now obsesses a brand that claims to have a share of the world market of about 9%, said .

An example of this is the incursion of Chinese technology into the hardware for its use, which has now become present in the processors of its high-end phones, something that still has no equivalent among its rivals in the sector.

Huawei presented in October 2017 at the IFA in Berlin, one of the largest consumer technology fairs in the world, the Kirin 970 processor, the first for mobile phones capable of supporting AI in its own “smartphone” and content in its new ” flagship “: the Mate 10 Pro smartphone.