Intense Earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan buries homes under landslides and damage to property

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According to recent reports, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga confirmed that another intense natural disaster has struck major parts of Japan. This followed after a continuing summer of chaos which have been experienced through out the country concerning with this weather deadly floods and mostly the recent numbers of typhoons, landslides and earthquakes not forgetting the heatwaves which where experienced throughout the country after the typhoon struck.

From reports from local authorities,  there are at least 9 people who were killed during the Thursday’s earthquake and the continuous landslides which are experienced as side effects of this typhoon. Nevertheless, the government previously reported that 16 people died, on the other hand Suga in his recent statement, he told the reporters that this figure announced by the government was incorrect and that the concerned officials had mistakenly included those individuals who suffered from this heart attacks that comes as a result of the earthquake and added together with the once who died. Nevertheless, he gave the correct figures to the press for accuracy. It is also reported that the Search and rescue teams have been dispatched and are still searching for 26 people reported missing within the western town of Atsuma in Hokkaide. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe however said that over 22,000 people were dispatched and involved in this rescue efforts while the northern island rescue team still remains dealing with the after shocks of the magnitude. According to the reports, the magnitude had a magnitude of 6.6 quake. According to geography, this is a tense records and this was the cause of the severe landslides which caused homes destruction and more so collapsing of other building within the Japan.

Nevertheless,  after this tremor,  electricity around the affected areas was restored to 1.4 million buildings before the beginning of Friday, in addition, Abe said that around half of this building had lost power. Nevertheless, more than a hundred and fifty people were injured during the earthquake tremor. According to Kazuya Isaki, who is an official working with Crisis Management Office of Hokkaido Prefecture said that this quakes mostly affected Sapporo. However,  the government is doing all it can to help rebuild and rescue all the people trapped in this areas.