How it works and how much it costs the first intelligent toilet that arrived in Argentina

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The intelligent toilets, that artifact that enjoys great popularity in Japan and that marks a trend in the international market, officially disembarks in Argentina. In this case it is the iBath model that, in addition to taking care of the way to enjoy the bathroom, aims to protect the health, hygiene and well-being of people.

The businessmen and brothers Martín and Julio Abancéns, responsible for bringing this luxury product to the country. In one of their trips to Japan, they lived the experience of intelligent toilets. When they returned home and used their traditional toilet, as expected, they felt great disappointment.
From that moment, the Abancéns did not hesitate to take the first step to bring and market the intelligent toilet in Argentina.

Savings and comfort in the bathroom

One of the main characteristics of this iBath is the nozzle that emerges to emit the cleaning jet (there is one that serves as a bidet and another to clean the toilet). This never touches the user and has its own self-cleaning system after each use. To make matters worse, you can choose with the button control which area you want to wash.

In addition, the smart toilet includes a simple and intuitive remote control that allows the user to operate the full range of functions comfortably and tailored. For example, the “auto” function initiates an automatic process of using the bidet with water at medium temperature and normal pressure for two minutes, then drying it with air at medium temperature. When you get out of the toilet the discharge is automatically produced.

In case of power outage, the iBath equipment continues to operate in the discharge as it has an internal battery to ensure use during this contingency.

It also occupies less space (690 x 400 x 520 mm) and is easy to install, since it is designed under the placement standards used in the country.
iBath can be seen at Buenos Aires Design and purchased online.

iBath can be seen at Buenos Aires Design and purchased online.

Another feature to highlight the artifact is its commitment to ecology. The water consumption is 3.8 liters, when in a traditional low water consumption toilet the full load is 8 liters and in the most common it almost doubles it. By its system, in addition, it ends with the use of toilet paper.

While the price surprises where you see it – 41 thousand pesos – this smart toilet brings many benefits. In the field of hygiene and health reaches an optimal cleaning. And that’s not all, people with reduced mobility do not have to move to a bidet for personal hygiene.

Following the landing of iBath to the country, Martín Abancéns revealed that they intend to make a comprehensive investment plan around this smart toilet that will be around 10 million dollars in the first 5 years. “On the end of this stage begins the integration of national parties, working to achieve in the medium term the greatest possible national integration for this technology,” he said.