Exoplanets discovered outside earth solar system where life could develop

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According to recent research conducted by researchers from different fields including the medical research council of molecular biology in the university of Cambridge showed that there exist a number of planets outside the earth solar system whereby life can develop just like on earth. From the research report show that the exoplanets contain the same property and matter which was used in the formation of earth.

From their published science journal, life on a planet is determined by the properties and abilities of the given star. According to the researchers, a star which produces enough UV light can initiate life on its surface. From the reports, the same properties of this exoplanets where recorded within and it was determined that with the same amount of UV light, this reaction boosts the chain of reactions which provides the blocks to life initiation.

According to Dr Rimmer who is a postdoctoral researcher at Cambridge joint affiliation laboratory stated that the extensive research of life to different planets is to determine the perfect place where life can be initiated. Nevertheless, according to Dr Rimmer, this search also will assist us to determine whether or not we are the only creature or human beings living or existing around the existing stars.

From science, the existing hydrogen on earth combined with nitrogen form a component referred to as hydrogen cyanide.  Once the component is formed it drops to earth together with rain. This component further reacts with elements and components on earth to form substances that allows the growth and development of life across earth.

Nevertheless, this substance formed is further disintegrated by UV light to form various chemical compounds which supports biological nature. Nevertheless, these chemical components formed is believed to be the building blocks of the existences of RNA and DNA. More so, existence of lipids and amino acids are the primary factors of life existences in conjunction to these chemical components.

Surprisingly, reports from the researchers show that these components are also similar to the existing exoplanets beyond the earth solar system. According to the university hypothesis, life can be initiated within these exoplanets. Therefore, the existence of different human species could be possible outside earths solar system.