Defense chief says Israel is preparing to reopen a Golan crossing with Syria

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According to recent reports, on Thursday, Avigdor Lieberman, the Defence Minister said that Israel is currently on the go to reopen a crossing point which will go through the Syrian-controlled Golan Heights whereby the Syrian government forces previously regained the control over their rebels. However, Lieberman, on his visit to the held Israeli side of Quneitra crossing yesterday said that any kind of operations resumption in the facility all depended on Syrian government. In his comment which was distributed by the ministry said that the fact remains that Syria has come here in opening an Alpha Gate and as far as the Syrian government is concerned, the UNDOF forces currently are operating and more so patrolling together with assistance from the Israeli military. The Syrian government however has said that they are ready to re-open the crossing. Lieberman nevertheless in his statement he was referring the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), whose are currently responsible for monitoring all the operations taking place in the demilitarized zone which were established in the year 1974 between the Syrian sector and the Israeli occupying the Golan which according to reports were destroyed and disrupted by civil war which struck Syria.

Nevertheless, Lieberman said that at the moment, the ball concerning reopening the crossing is on the Syrian court. In addition to this, the Russian military police who came from major ally of Bashar al-Assad, Syrian President to date have patrolled the Syrian side of Quneitra, Lieberman added by saying that customs officials and Syrian police were present during this patrol. Previously, Lieberman said that there existed traffic through the Quneitra main way which comprised of shipments from other regions into Syria, like the apples which are grown by Druze farmers along the Israeli-controlled Golan. Also this Gallon helps in ensuring an armistice line on the brides between both partners on either sides of the crossing. Israel, on the other hand, captured the Golan Heights between 1967 in the Middle East war were by Israel fought Syria again the strategic plateau which exists today between them in the conflict which started in 1973.