A vast glowing Hydrogen wall spotted at the edge of our solar system by NASA

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Recent Reports from NASA shows that there is a vast glowing hydrogen wall at the far edge of our solar system. According to NASA, this glowing hydrogen wall was spotted by one of their spacecraft as it was conducting research across the solar system. From scientific reports, this hydrogen wall is primarily the boundary between our home which is the Earth and the suns atmosphere.

Scientists have proven in scientific journals that between the earth and the sun there co-exists a boundary from both the sun and the earth. According to this reports in the scientific journals, the layer which surrounds the earth atmosphere is made of hydrogen gas and other small gases components. Nevertheless, this layer separates the suns atmosphere which contains an interstellar matter which if exposed to the earth atmosphere would blast into burning flames.

According to the reports from NASA, the matter between the sun and the earth contains stretched gaseous material which reduces the power and energy of the heat emitted by the sun. According to the reports, the overstretched gaseous materials are considered the reason behind the formation of the vast glowing hydrogen wall at the edge of our solar system.

NASA researchers said in a report that the glowing hydrogen wall was stretched beyond Pluto and more so was seen past Pluto’s horizon. According to Geophysical researchers, this stretched hydrogen wall of galactic hydrogen contains a significant extra amount of ultraviolet rays which produces protective glair to the solar system against excessive heat and ultraviolet rays. This simulation evidence was performed by replication of ultraviolet signal through two Voyager spacecraft which NASA used in determination of the effects and purposes of the existences of this vast glowing hydrogen wall.

Nevertheless, the Geophysical researchers have not assured of the stretched wall over the new horizon as seen by the voyages spacecraft and also this ultraviolet signal sent by the spacecraft’s are not sure of the result being simulated. The researches stated that the tree probe probably saw the vast glowing hydrogen wall but the probe didn’t actually simulate the effect of the layer across the existing galaxy outside our solar system.